Class time table.

I got the duty to make a new TIME TABLE.

I started by taking a piece of black A4 sheet as base.    

Material needed 

1.Five to six different coloured A4 sheet.


3.Bold marker and OHP marker.

4.Silver glitter pen.

                 That’s solve…..

 Let’s start by taking a price of paper and writing TIME TABLE on it .

Now take the Black sheet and attach the time table written sheet above.

Now divide the black sheet in boxes as needed.

Write Days name in 6 boxes and make boxes to write the period number make a column for BREAK as shown below.

Now cut out different colored sheets in same size and paste in boxes shown above and highlight the boxes by a 3D outlined as shown

Now just write the classes and timings and its ready after the outline is dried…


        Komal gupta 


Fav😘 sport..

This was the one and only way for making my hectic day calm. This game is a way for my fitness. Basketball , yes this was the only game which I started playing 1 year ago.I missed two opportunities for playing nationals which were held in Telangana.

My besti got that opportunity and she is now a national player . I am still playing

 and still playing basketball along with similar games like Netball , water polo and hand ball.

 You must play this game……



This was something that made me calm . It relaxed me and I came easily from the thoughts and work load of my hectic day.

I started playing BASKETBALL  one year ago . When our school made a basketball court in our ground . Before I was only interested in playing cricket or athletics.

I got many opportunities in athletics . So.e opportunities were proved by me also but I never became over confident.In basketball I missed two opportunities of playing nationals . Both of them were held in Telangana. My besti went there with our team from Delhi .

I am still playing this game . Along with this game I m playing some similar games like Netball,Handball and water polo. This game is very interesting. It helped me in improving my bodies flexibility and my fitness is also very good .

This game never affected my studies .I never felt caged . I love playing .

I will say that u all must play or even try this game as a game for your fitness after some time you will say by yourself that I want to play not only for fitness but also for PLAY PLAY PlAY and PLAY.πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ˜™komalgupta16.blogspot. com _;VISITπŸ‘ˆ

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